8 Cat Beds for Modern Home Interiors

8 Cat Beds for Modern Home Interiors

Cardboard boxes, open drawers, on top of folded towels … cats will nap anywhere snug and cozy. Would you like to provide a purpose-made bed for your favourite feline that they will love just as much?

But you no doubt want your cat’s sleeping setup to complement your home’s nice decor, whether it’s in the living room, office, or kitchen. Here are a few ideas that are as cute as they are affordable!

A Unique Design!

Who could resist these inviting little kitty nooks? Handcrafted and made of wood, they are the perfect addition to a home with a contemporary decor, and just as charming in a rustic cottage. Plus, when the cat is away, one might mistake it for a decorative sculpture. 

Sleep in Style!

Kittens and adult cats alike are attracted to soft and plush surfaces. That’s why they will adore this bean bag-like bed! Choose one in a neutral tone, grey or cream, for example, that will harmonize with the room’s ambiance. Or opt for a livelier hue, such as pink or yellow, which would work well in a playroom or a decor featuring these accents colours.

Just Like the Real Thing!

Visitors to your home will no doubt smile at the sight of this cat bed: a miniature version of a human wood frame bed. The blankets come in a wide range of colours that will suit a variety of decors. It can be placed on a bedside table, so that kitty can spend the night next to you, or beneath your desk, where she can lounge while you work from home.

Ideal for a Zen Space

This example, made for the living room, is dual purpose. It can be a practical spot for a decorative accessory like a lamp, a surface on which to set down a coffee cup or a book. But it is, foremost, with the addition of a soft blanket, a dream cat den. Your feline companion will adore this bed in which they will feel safe and concealed.

An Elegant Armchair

It’s always nice when cat furniture resembles what we ourselves have in our homes. These feline-sized armchairs are especially lovely with their candy pink upholstery and light wood frame. You can easily find an identical one in adult dimensions to create an eye-catching set.  

For a Teenager’s Bedroom

Preteen and teen bedrooms are typically vibrant and feature a mix of hues. With this decor style, you can forgo neutral tones and opt instead for a simple yet colourful bed that will bring an added punch to the space. A bonus advantage is its washability. 

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